Smart Management of Adverse and Critical Events

Statewide collection of incident and mortality data is commonplace. Elevating data collection to actionable information harnesses the power of adverse and critical event reporting.

In the context of public policy and regulatory requirements, the nuances impacting Medicaid populations demand smart decision-making based on accurate data and reliable analysis. Clarity collects, processes, and, when indicated, escalates adverse and critical event details to those designated to intervene. Clarity applies your criteria and faithfully follows processing and escalation protocols to free your staff to concentrate on quality improvement for waiver participants.

Clarity is not "just an IT system." Instead, Clarity is a full incident reporting and mortality review solution. Powered by decades of applied knowledge with Home and Community-based Services (HCBS) waiver populations, Clarity establishes a new standard for adverse and critical event management and empowers quality assurance organizations.

Mortality Review

Clarity Mortality Review Services impact the lives of many. Those with specialized support needs receiving similar services demand a critical exposé of circumstances, events, and noteworthy developments surrounding the mortality of another individual. Clarity's proven processes capitalize on the benefit of hindsight to identify quality of care indicators surrounding community-based support for those with complex health conditions or multiple comorbidities similar to the deceased. Probes launch immediately to surface areas of risk, exposure, and risk-mitigation applied to preserve the welfare of others, at risk.

Incident Reporting

Clarity provides statewide processing and robust analysis of adverse events impacting HCBS waiver participants. Reliable and easy to use, Clarity can be customized to work seamlessly with most existing IT platforms and regulatory environments. Clarity's incident reporting services include data gathering and evaluation delivered in customizable, easy-to-use reports well-suited to your State's requirements.

Transparent and Actionable

To shape and administer Medicaid HCBS policies effectively, States require clear, reliable information to guide direction. Yet decisions are often made based on information filtered by cumbersome processing and questionable evaluation. Regulatory enforcement and quality improvement pressures require responsive, impactful direction from State Medicaid leadership. Bound by cumbersome processing and reporting systems that lead to more challenging evaluation of the facts and identification of underlying trends, State governments need concrete solutions obtained from a qualified source. Is adverse and critical event data pertaining to HCBS populations in your State reliably collected? Would you benefit from greater focus and improved data analysis? Could you, and those waiver participants residing in your State, benefit from leveraging precious State staff time and talent? With Clarity, analysis is performed on-demand with underlying report information. Clarity's easy-to-use reporting module enables you to spot trends, surface anomalies, and export information for secondary processing in spreadsheet and statistical analysis applications...simply at the touch of a button.